The Environmental Sensitivity Mapping (ESM) Webtool is a novel decision-support tool for Strategic Environmental Assessment and planning processes in Ireland. It allows users to create area-specific environmental sensitivity maps.

About the ESM

This short video tells the story behind the ESM Webtool, how it was developed and how it should be used.

Using the tool

The ESM webtool’s functionality is explained in this demonstration video and user manual.  Please view them before starting to map.

ESM Webtool User Manual

Start Mapping


Click on this icon to launch the ESM Webtool and start mapping

User Feedback

Your feedback on the ESM Webtool is important.

Please email esm@ucd.ie to tell us what you think.

Other Resources

Project Partners

ESM concept and design by Ainhoa González (UCD School of Geography)

with analytics and mapping by Justin Gleeson and Eoghan McCarthy (AIRO, Maynooth University)

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